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Surveillance specialists

Many know that it is video surveillance that can solve many problems and provide information that can not be obtained in any other way.

Professional surveillance of his wife

The only true tool that will let you know if your wife has a boyfriend is to conduct professional video surveillance or even photo surveillance of your passion.

We will help to hire a detective for shadowing

There is quite a reasonable question about how much it costs to hire a detective for surveillance.



Alexander (+380963298517, +380673984617)

I want to thank the detective from Ivano-Frankivsk for his professional work, the installation and the search for a person.


Mikhail, +380689654425

Thank you for the deedtek from Ivano-Frankivsk for help in seeking a native person and a manifestation of high craftsmanship.

Sergey Yevtushenko, Sevt.bsp@gmail.ком

I want to express deep appreciation to the agency "Detective Odessa" for their professionalism in their work.
In the summer of 2016 I, a private entrepreneur from Kiev, there was a nasty incident with suppliers of goods in "7 kilometer 'market in Odessa. Left without the goods and money, I tried on their own to find the attackers, but unfortunately to no avail. Not having any links in Odessa was in despair.
Just for luck decided to call in a detective agency "Detective Odessa," which contacts found on the Internet. As fate I had the privilege to talk with Alexander. After listening to me, without any extra conditions and issues immediately got down to business. A few days later, interviewing several witnesses and conducting a series of operational actions, the result has been obtained in the case, which is usually referred to as "grouse".
I am very pleased that in our world still have such honest and know their stuff the pros. Client-that's who's in charge in this agency.
Good luck to you and the development !!!



I express my gratitude for the high professionalism and excellent performance in the shortest possible time job employee detective agency, Alexander. I wish your team prosperity and interesting work!



Thank you for the work done. For the quality of services provided, for the professional approach and humane attitude to my problem.




For a long time I knew that her husband was cheating on me. But could not get a divorce because the marriage contract. I was too little evidence of his infidelity. But it helped to resolve the issue detective agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk." Now I am divorced and the court was as I expected.


Do not even know what words to choose to be thankful for. I began to worry about her son, who went to work at the club. Not really trusted him and turned to the detective agency to make sure that the boy is working and not fun in bad company. My guess is not confirmed. He really worked to go in the summer vacation. Thank you.


He turned to the detective agency for the first time, so much time had to study the information on the Internet, and still chose you. I just began to feel that someone is doing its best to separate me from my girlfriend. Despite such a small thing, the agents went to work and confirmed my fears. Thank you for your participation.


In summer, the sea became acquainted with a pretty girl. The feeling was not fleeting, but a real. We have already started to plan the wedding. But then I had to leave due to problems at work, and even the way the phone was stolen. Contact with the girl was no longer possible. I searched for it online, went to her town, but could not find. And then decided to use the services of the agency, which advised me to one friend. Two days later, the Light has been found for me. I had, of course, be explained ... but was able to regain confidence.


That's my dream come true - raised money to buy a car. Spent on it for many years. But I'm not happy for very long. After a few months of the new car was stolen right off the porch. Police searched the car last month, but with no results. In desperation, accidentally stumbled on the agency website, I decided to call anyway ... nothing to lose. And it may be strange to me a few weeks the car was found. Yes, there were no injuries. Thank you to all the staff very much. He would know, would not have lost so much time.

Ivan S.

I recently decided to open a business. And in quite competitive. Of course, do not want to dwell on his plans, so all negotiations with partners led home while the office was being renovated. But after repairing it, I decided to err and contacted the agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk" them to check it for wiretapping. My instinct did not let me down - all the rooms have been carefully equipped with bugs. Now often turn to experts of the company to carry out periodic inspections.

Anatoly I.

Not long ago, I had suspicions in relation Accountants of my company. I decided to check them out and used the services of a detective agency. It turned out that for a reason. Employees of each month stealing from the company some money. Did polygraph. Here's just a pity that it is not the basis for the court. But a sufficient argument for the dismissal and the "good" advice.


All the goals in my life to the age of forty have already been achieved: work, home, family. But it helped me in this is high school friends who virtually created the first-class competition and were not given the opportunity to relax on the way towards my goals. So I decided it was time to get all those most school friends. Of course, to do this on its own is almost impossible, since many have lived even beyond our borders. That had to apply to a "private detective Ivano-Frankivsk," which, not later than one month provided me with contacts of all my classmates. Thank you very much!

Elena and Dmitry

We have every weekend we go to the country. And this time, when we came back, we realized that our daughter is not at home. Usually, it warns us if somewhere to go, even though she is already 18 years old. Therefore, we were worried, especially since the whole day did not answer her phone, friends, and friends do not know where she washes to be. In the evening we decided to call the police. For two days there was no news. And then, on the advice of friends we turned to the detective agency. Of all the companies have decided to choose "private detective Ivano-Frankivsk." And then three days later our daughter was found. It turns out that she and her friends go on a spree, so that was in another city without a phone and money. Thank you for the agents that they had found our Svetochka.

Alla S.

I first tried to solve their own problems. I had to find out where my son disappears after school. It's too late to come home and did not tell. Thanks to the work of the staff of the agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk" revealed that he was preparing a surprise for me for my birthday. Thank you, that calmed me down.


Thanks to you I found out about my husband's infidelity. And the work was done quickly. Though it was painful. But better that than to live a lie. The husband could not get out because I had proof in the form of photos and videos. You should have seen his face. Thank you very much once again.

Thank you

I work remotely, doing freelance orders. And recently there was the customer for a very large amount. Two and a half months I have dedicated to him, and he did not pay. Addressed to you on the recommendation of friends. And thanks to your work, the order was paid. There is justice in the world.

Grateful family

We noticed that our son has changed a lot in recent times. It is almost no one spoke and stopped joking, as did before. Together with her ​​husband tried to somehow he has to figure out what was happening to him, suspecting him of all serious. Just because of the work was virtually no time to devote to it. Especially the family has another small child. That appealed to the agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk." It was not as bad as we first thought, but still unpleasant. He took money from older guys. All of this was captured on video by agents. And that was enough evidence to go to the police. Son told nothing, and have dealt with the bandits law enforcement. Now our boy was again the same as before. Thank agents.

Sergei Mikhailovich

Despite the difficulty of my situation, I have long hesitated to entrust detective agency problem, because I just doubt that they have something to work. But glad it's still addressed. A few days later I was presented with the first reports. And after a couple of days and the issue was resolved at all. Thank you for your team.


Thank you to all who worked on my order. You have done even more, in my opinion. The result exceeded all expectations. And thanks to you, I have already decided everything. Thank you for the work and the upcoming holidays you.


Good afternoon. Completely satisfied with the work you have done. I will be not only the handle if necessary, but also to recommend your agency to my friends.

Many thanks from your client

Actually, even the first few days was sorry that he had asked. But after a couple of weeks, got the result, which still counted. Thank you very much, that did not disappoint.


Our company is a very large robbed. And in order to identify the thief, the management decided to check each employee on a lie detector. The culprit was soon found, when their work promptly fired detectives' private detective Ivano-Frankivsk. "

Family Doolin

Our son started dating a girl. And when introduced us to her, my husband and I had some suspicions about her. She was too "adult" for their twenties. Here m and decided to check it through a detective agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk." It turned out that she worked as a model, but for the improper conduct was dismissed. Still, she had a lot of intimate relationships with customers. Thank you for detectives just saved our son on the error.

Grateful client

Through the work of private investigators from the agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk" my troubles are over. A few months up to me in the mail came a strange threat. But the experts found that the villain, who was just sick man.


A few days ago, began to call the strange woman. She just said that my husband was cheating on me and then disconnected. Of course, that was me, it's annoying, and I asked for help from this detective agency. It turned out that her husband was faithful to me, and calls came from his collaborators, who experienced feelings for him and just wanted to separate us. But she did not get it.


Three months later, after my mother died, a man came to my house fairly old age, and said that I was his daughter, but my mother always said that he is dead. But an unexpected guest has to ask for help from me. I have such statements raised suspicions, and I turned to the detective agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk." My fears were confirmed - the man was a fraud.


I had to turn it into a detective agency because with my bank card money was gone, and the card itself was all the time I have. I began to suspect a loved one, just because the other options were not. I do not know how employees detective agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk" managed to find out what the problem was because the real situation shocked me. It was my friend who has recently asked me for a loan for the operation and we went with her to withdraw money from an ATM. It turns out that at the time there was a mini-camera, which recorded the entire process. In short, now I'm the lady is no longer a friend.


We have for several years been working with a detective agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk." They check all the staff of our company. And thanks to this cooperation we have on hand is always accurate information about all the employees of the company. So I always recommend working with agents of this company personnel officers.


I began to suspect his wife of infidelity and decided to turn it into a detective agency. Treason really was. Many thanks to the agents.

Vladimir Y.

I have several years working in the construction business. I have my own company, its customers, good relations. But some time ago, said that large amounts of just "go away" on the side. Moreover, the failure of the signing of the contract took place at the last moment, after a lot of preparatory work. The reasons were not clear at all. So I had to apply to a "private detective Ivano-Frankivsk" with a request to check for any leakage of information. All it does. But thanks to the work of detectives, we were able to solve this problem and now again working as usual.


I would not want to advertise that problem, because of the decision which I had to turn it into a detective agency. It just so happened that I did not know who to ask for help, and was at that time just in Ukraine. But before turning it into a detective agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk" I had to make enough calls to other companies. I never saw any staff and service fees transferred to the bank account. And I had some doubts about whether they will work out the money. But the agents have really helped in solving my problem for which they thank you! I was particularly impressed that they are interested in and then about what it claims to my side and asked to write my opinions about their work. They really strive to provide quality services.

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Do not even know what words to choose to be thankful for. I began to worry about her son, who went to work at the club. Not really trusted him and turned…

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Thank you for the work done. For the quality of services provided, for the professional approach and humane attitude to my problem.



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Our company is a very large robbed. And in order to identify the thief, the management decided to check each employee on a lie detector. The culprit…

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