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Surveillance specialists

Many know that it is video surveillance that can solve many problems and provide information that can not be obtained in any other way.

Professional surveillance of his wife

The only true tool that will let you know if your wife has a boyfriend is to conduct professional video surveillance or even photo surveillance of your passion.

We will help to hire a detective for shadowing

There is quite a reasonable question about how much it costs to hire a detective for surveillance.

Collection of information

Collection of information about a person, organization

If you own your own business, or occupy a post that involves making critical decisions, then surely you daily act various business proposals. And many of them can be quite beneficial and life perspective. But it is worth remembering that not all potential partners are honest and respectable people. Therefore, our detective agency "Private detective Ivano-Frankivsk" provides its services in such a direction as gathering information about the person.

Also it is necessary to punch the person if he asks you to take the money . And even if you can easily sacrifice we ask for a sum of money , do not neglect the property of his own . This also applies to relatives, about which you can be , and what it does not know . Addressing the same to us , you will get full information about what he had or have financial debt and how much it matters to dobroporyadochen return of the borrowed funds. Also this time may also cover issues related to large transactions . Quite a lot of scammers working in real estate . And this applies not only to those who claim to realtors, but also prospective property owners. We know how to check a person who wants to make money by deception , and figure it out before you become a victim of fraud.

Collecting personal data is often necessary in some structures in hiring . The content of their own security forces are not always appropriate. In this case, you can also contact our detective agency " Private detective Ivano -Frankivsk " and we will provide a full collection of personal data in Ivano -Frankivsk, as well as people from other cities of Ukraine. It is worth noting that if your company or you personally do live in a different city , it is not an obstacle to the work of our employees , as the geography of our actions is quite extensive and goes far beyond a single country.

Turning to us , you can expect that you will get full information about this subject name , address, registration or residence, data on vocational education and previous employment , marital status, as well as many other data that can be hidden for various reasons. We are ready to help, even if you just need to find someone's address by phone number in Ivano -Frankivsk.

Our staff will give you a full report on the findings. And you will easily be able to assess the reliability of potential partners and future employees of the company. As well as the relationship with your new friends will become more predictable and eliminate the possibility of unpleasant surprises.


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Thank you for the deedtek from Ivano-Frankivsk for help in seeking a native person and a manifestation of high craftsmanship.

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