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Surveillance specialists

Many know that it is video surveillance that can solve many problems and provide information that can not be obtained in any other way.

Professional surveillance of his wife

The only true tool that will let you know if your wife has a boyfriend is to conduct professional video surveillance or even photo surveillance of your passion.

We will help to hire a detective for shadowing

There is quite a reasonable question about how much it costs to hire a detective for surveillance.

Lie detector - a polygraph test

Theft in enterprises and betrayal in families, unfortunately, a natural part of our lives. And someone like things pass by, and someone has to put maximum effort to learn the truth. After all, in most cases, there is no guarantee that a question on the right you will get the real answer. But now, thanks to the development process, each addressed to us, may use printing services.

Polygraph - lie detector . For the past fifty years , the invention is widely used in many countries around the world . Also used polygraph and Ivano -Frankivsk. This device looks like a combination of biomedical devices that are at the biological level, record the reactions of a person over whom there is a check and a polygraph . And the information obtained as a result of the review, stands person as true or false .

If, during the reception staff, you will point to the fact that the various incidents being tested on a polygraph , it will be a deterrent to the commission of theft, both information and material . And in most cases, the fear of being caught with the help of technical device , which is impossible to cheat , stop the staff from illegal acts. Naturally, in this you have to be one hundred percent sure that you have the opportunity - polygraph test . And in this case, you can feel free to contact our company , especially if you need a lie detector in Ivano -Frankivsk. But even if you are in another city, experts detective agency " Private detective Ivano -Frankivsk " may themselves go to you. Also in the case of crime , our experts will not only produce questioning your employees, but also to prepare a special report, which you can attach to the case , as other evidence . And in some cases, is sufficient proof of the failure or behavior during the failure of some individuals to pass a polygraph test .

In addition to their staff check on a lie detector and you can family members or friends. Very often it is used in suspected spouse of infidelity. And if you decide to go through with it , you can be sure that you get one hundred percent reliable information . Therefore we recommend to mentally prepare for the procedure . Polygraph - lie detector , which itself does not lie , but quickly reveals those who are trying to do it. Take advantage of our detector to lie, the price of which is discussed individually .

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